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April 18, 2008

New Blog Opens!

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Zobles has now officially opened the new Blog! Note that there will be a few changed to the site through out the rest of the week. So anyway, head over to:

~ Zobles


Zobles is Back!

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I have just logged on to CP to see a brilliant new look! I think it’s great and I saw some cool new things happening in CP like a cool new igloo and RH’s return as well as things getting messed up like the Clock Tower. So cos CP made a new look, Zobles is making a new look as he moves to Blog Spot! The site is currently being made but will be ready by later today or tomorrow! I’ll update this soon!

~ Zobles

April 11, 2008


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I have had this site for a long time now but it’s finally time to say “goodbye”. I do not like CP anymore but you can still come here for secrets and tips if you want. I would give my site to someone except some of my other blogs under the same name are still updated by me. I still update a blog so if you want to take a look and leave a comment I would appreciate it!

A Final Goodbye to all Penguins and Zobles Fans! Perhaps I will update this site someday!

~ Zobles

April 2, 2008

Partners in Crime Clip

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Watch this on Saturday, 6:20pm, BBC1

~ Zobles

March 28, 2008

New Doctor Who Trailer

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Airs next Saturday at 6.20pm on BBC1.

~ Zobles

CP’s Best Party Yet!

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The April Fools Party started today! It is so cool! It’s way different than any other party on CP yet! You can get the new pin in the Mine by joining the dots and you can get free Swirly Glasses at the Cove and you can get a free red flying cap in the Ski Village! Here are my favorite parts!


  • Forest: It’s upside down!
  • The Dock: Everything moves fast!
  • Test Server: Everyones a Puffle! (From 10am – 4pm CPST today only)

~ Zobles

March 26, 2008

Membership Expired

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My Membership is now expired and I will more than likely NOT be renewing it.

~ Zobles

March 23, 2008

Mario:Game Over

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~ Zobles

March 21, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt!

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Today the Easter Egg Hunt began! Here is a guide on where they are!

  1. In the Lantern in the Mine.
  2. On a post in the Dock.
  3. Click Red puffle in the Pet Shop.
  4. Green Plant in Book Room.
  5. On the Poster in the Gift Shop.
  6. Lantern in the Plaza. 
  7. In the Attic. Point your cursor to open the box, the egg will pop out.
  8. Moving in the Dojo.

And after you collect all the eggs you get a free Green Easter Bunny Ears! Happy Easter everyone!

~ Zobles

Crash Bandicoot Flash Game!

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Click the picture to play the Crash Bandicoot Flash Game or just click here!! Please note I did not make this game so do not credit me for this.

~ Zobles

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