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September 30, 2007

New Furniture and New Igloo Upgrades!

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The new Furniture catalog and Igloo Upgrades catalog is out as of Sept. 28th!!


New items:
Ferris wheel couch (760)
Circus ball (170)
Balloons (15)
Blender (220)
There are also some plants which have changed colour for the Autumn.


Pop art painting:
To get the pop art painting click the beach ball.

Starry night painting:
To get the starry night painting click the CD rack.

Concert lights:
To get the concert lights click the Home stereo.

New flooring:
Blue carpet (530)
Dirt and leaves (400)


September 28, 2007

Fall Fair Review!!

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Here is the review for the fall fair!

The Fall Fair is a party in CP that went on from the 21st of Sept to the 1st of Oct and was brilliant! During the fair nearly all of Club Penguin was decorated!! A couple of months ago, Rockhopper left crates in the Lighthouse and told all penguins to open them on the 21st of Sept. But before the 21st, some penguins accidentally broke open a crate and discovered a  sign saying “fall fair”. That gave away what the party was about! Then on the day penguins showed up and saw a prize booth. Inside you had to trade tickets that you won from playing games to get cool prizes!! Score out of five: 4.

Here are some pics from the party!


In other news: The Furniture Catalog comes out today with some cool fair furniture!

September 26, 2007

New Items in the Fall Fair! (Plus Secret Item!)

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These are the two new CP items in the  prize booth of CP:

A Necklace for 700 tickets and a Paddle Ball toy for 1500 tickets!



Here is the secret Lollipop Candy for 1000 tickets! Look at the pic to find out how to get it!

In other News: Next week the biggest clothing catalog comes out with cool costumes for Halloween. Plus there will be a new way to decorate your penguin!

Until then, Waddle On!

( I wanna thank nyprincess for the cool pics! )

September 23, 2007

Fall Fair

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Sorry guys, I hav’nt updated in a really long time but don’t worry, it’ll be updated all the time now!

Here’s what i hav’nt told you about.

1. The Sport Shop is now a shop which sells sports items such as surf boards for the Surfing Game.

2. Ballistic Biscuit is now called Hydro-Hopper!

3. The Penguin Times reached it’s 100th issue!!

And finally, the Fall Fair is a huge party that will last up until Oct. 1st!!

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