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October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

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Happy Halloween Penguins!! Today is Halloween and there is still a chance to do the Candy Hunt on CP!! My website has been around for 5 months and I have around 10,000 views and 200 comments. Thank you for helping me get this far with my site!!! When I get 10,000 views I will have a party on CP to celebrate!! Before my newest section of the site “Halloween Party 2007” is gone, go read it now!! I will be logged on tonight with my friends so if you want to meet me and be my friend just come to Crunch in UK at like 3pm CPST and my igloo will be on the map! I hope you will have a happy and safe Halloween!! Waddle On!! ((((((((((((((((((((Zobles)))))))))))))))))))))))



October 30, 2007

New Fun Stuff

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There are now comics in the Fun Stuff of Club Penguin!! I think it is cool! Later i’ll upload the comics and make a new page about them!! Also there are new Wallpapers including: CP 2nd Birthday and the Halloween party!! Click here to see it all: 



Penguin For Adoption

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I have a penguin up for adoption. Here is a pic of him and all his info.


Name: Scorporilla

Age: 50 days as of 16th December.

Friends: 1/100 (Zobles)

Items: Pumpkin Basket, Halloween Scarf, Halloween Backround, Spider Pin, Winged Helmet, Rockhopper Snapshot Backround,U.F.O Pin, Western Bandana, Stagecoach Backround, the Sunset Backround, Needle Pin, Coins For Change Bell, Letter from Coins For Change, Christmas Backround, and the Holly Pin as of 16th December. (This penguin is beginning to be rare.)

Color: Blue

Coins: 454 as of 16th December

Member or Non-member: Non-member

If you think you want this penguin, email me at: and give me a good reason why you want him and if I think it’s a good reason then I will email you back with his password. This is a good penguin if you we’re not around for Halloween and the Western Party or Coins For Change.

*This penguin is friends with Zobles


October 29, 2007

My New Website

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I have made a new website about Doctor Who. It is called:

Don’t think that i’m gonna stop updating this site cos i still will.

In Other News: I have added a new sidebar which has: Blog Stats, Pins, Events, Meebo and more!!

Waddle On! -Zobles


October 27, 2007

New Page and Updates!

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I hope your all having a Happy Halloween!! I sure had a cool party! To read more go to the ”CP Party” page of the site. I also want you to know that I have updated the “Halloween Party 2007” page. It now shows you links to the music, the pins, the igloos, the catalogs and more!! A new page is under construction called “CP Times” which will probably be out just in time for the next paper on Thursday. It will feature stuff about Aunt Arctic, the old papers, news and more!! I’ll update soon!! -Zobles


October 26, 2007

Mission 5!!!

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All agents go to the HQ and take a look at the bulletin board!! There is a new mission coming in November!! What it will be about is unclear but here’s what Billybob had to say: Secret agents should check out the HQ bulletin board and you may want to play the last few missions again to make sure you’re ready!  November is already looking like its going to be a blast!

I think this may be the last mission because after this mission there will be no more room on the P.S.A missions folder. Click to enlarge:




Halloween Party!!!!

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The Halloween party has started as of today and is brilliant!! There is old and new music, nearly all of CP is decorated, there is a candy hunt and loads more!! So to celebrate i’m making a new page called “Halloween Party 2007″where there will be a guide to find all the candy and more!! The new pin is a Spider and it is in the Cave. Here is a picture of it.


In other news: Don’t forget my Halloween Party today at 11:00am CPST at the Snow Forts in Crunch!! Here is an invite. Click to enlarge.




October 25, 2007

CP Times #106

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The new edition of the Club Penguin Times came out today! Here is what was featured:

Halloween Party:


Penguins we’re told about decorating for the Halloween party and wander if there will be a sudden eclipse like last year.



Penguins are asked if they would like the new wigs to stay or go. I picked stay because I think the wigs are cool.

Aunt Arctic: Aunt Arctic is asked about Yesteryear and about coin doubling.

Secrets: You are told about the Mine.

Game Feature: Ice Fishing.

To read the new paper click here:

In other news: Don’t forget the Halloween party that starts tomorrow and a new pin also comes out!! And don’t forget my party!! Click invitation to enlarge.


October 24, 2007

Happy Birthday!

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Hello Penguins,

I just want to tell you that it’s Club Penguins Second Birthday!! This time 2 years ago CP officially launched!! Last year there was a free Blue and Green Party Hat but this year theres an Orange and Yellow Party Hat (Located in the Book Room)!! In the Coffee Shop there is a big birthday cake and in the Book Room there is a New CP Yearbook!! The party only lasts one day so go check it out!!

In other news: Here is the final sneak peek to the Halloween Party which starts this Friday!!


Waddle On! -Zobles


October 23, 2007

Games Fixed!

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The multiplayer games are now working!!

Later I’ll update the sneak peak of the Halloween party!! Oh and don’t forget about CP’s Birthday party tomorrow at the Coffee Shop!!

Oh and just a reminder of my CP Halloween party!!


Click to enlarge.

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