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November 30, 2007

Yellow Puffles!!

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Hello Penguins!!

The yellow puffle is out in the new catalog today, and it is member’s only.


This is what happens when you do things with it:

  • Feed It: Makes food into statue
  • Play: Paints a Jet Pack
  • Sleeps: Dreams of being a Super Puffle
  • Dance with it: It sings
  • Bathe it: Adds coloring into the water
  • Give it Gum: Draws a happy face on the gum
  • Cookie: Eats it into a Mask and puts it on.

Plus there is a new Pet Furniture catalog. Click on the “New” on the Yellow Puffle House for a Grey Puffle House.


Here’s a picture of me and my new Yellow Puffle “Ham”.


Waddle On Penguins!!


November 29, 2007

Yellow Puffle + Other News!

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Hello Penguins!

The latest newspaper came out today!! It said that the Yellow Puffle will be available tomorrow at the Pet Shop! Stop by tomorrow to pick one up! It also said that Coins For Change will begin on December 14th. To read more click here:


Waddle On Penguins!


November 28, 2007

Coins For Change!

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Hello Penguins!!

I just wanted to tell you that there is going to be a way for penguins to donate their coins to help real people!! It is to help children for Christmas around the world. When it starts I hope you donate a lot of coins!! Thanks!! Here is a picture:


In other news:

Don’t forget my Christmas Party!! Here is an invite:


The post below has more about the party and Band Openings!!

November 26, 2007

Christmas Party + Band Openings

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Hello Penguins!

Update 4: There are no positions left. Soon I will announce when we practise.

Update 3: There is only one position left in my band, a trumpet player. Also if you are wandering what I will do in the band, well I will play the guitar.

Update 2: Note that every time I have a party it is in the Crunch server.

Update: Positions taken so far are:

Trumpet – Cecily

Maracas – 3trashman

Violin Player – Airlewanuva

Singer – Spiderlovedr

Drummer – Pikanews

Christmas Party

My newest party is my Christmas Party. It will be on the 22nd December!! Here are all the details you will need:

  • Where: Starts at the Snow Forts
  • When: Saturday 22nd December
  • Time: 12pm CPST
  • Server: Crunch (UK)
  • Theme: Green

Here is an invite:


I hope you can all make it!!

Band Openings

I have decided to make a band. I will be the guitar player. Here are the openings:

  • Violin
  • Trumpet
  • Drums
  • Singer
  • Maracas

If you want to join you must be:

  • Over 100 days old
  • Be a member (unless you have the Maracas)

Waddle On Penguins!! -Zobles

November 24, 2007

10,000 Hits Party A Success!

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Update: The Make Up Party was another great party. Lots of people who couldn’t make it yesterday came today!! It was cool! We played Find Four, we went Sled Racing and we partied at my igloo and at the Dock!!

Original Post:

 My 10,000 Hits party was the biggest party I have had so far!! I made loads of friends, we went Sled Racing, we partied at the Dock, my Igloo and more!! The theme was Orange and we had the party for 15mins in Crunch and then continued it at Tundra and collided with Watex’s (A.K.A Fever) party!! It was so cool. Here are some cool pics from the party!! Click to enlarge:






Thanks to all those who came!! I have already planned my next party. It will be my Christmas Party which will be on around this time one month. I will add an invite soon……..


November 23, 2007

Western Party!!

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Today the Western Party started!! Lots of rooms are decorated!! Plus there are 3 free items, and a new pin!!

Free Items

  • First, you can get the Western Bandana in the Plaza
  • Second, you can get Stagecoach Backround in the Forest.
  • And last you can get the Sunset Backround at the Dock.

New Pin


The new pin is a Needle and you can find it on a hay stack in the Cove.

Western Zobles

Heres how I look for the Western Party and is how I will look at my own party if your trying to find me.


Party Reminder!

I’m just reminding you all that my 10,000 hits party is on Saturday 24th November at the Dock at 12pm CPST. Hope to see you there!! Here is the invitation. Click to enlarge.



November 22, 2007

CP Times #110

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Today the latest news paper came out. Inside you can read about the Yellow Puffle, Bean Counter, The Stage, the Surprise Party and more!! Here is the main stuff featured:

Surprise Party


Penguins are told about the Surprise Party. I think its gonna be the Western Party cos that has the most votes when I voted.

Bean Counter Secrets


Penguins are told the secrets of Bean Counter. You can also read about Catchin’ Waves in the paper.

Yellow Puffles


Penguins can read about the new Yellow Puffle and that it won’t be available for adoption until its tame and that they like art. (Probably means that when you click play on your puffles card it will start painting.

There is lots more in the newspaper. To view go here:

or here to read about the CP Times.


November 16, 2007

The Stage!!

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Hello Penguins!!

Today the newest room is finished!! The Stage! In it you can buy clothes of the latest play, read and say the script, act and see the Yellow Puffle!! Here’s whats there:

The Costume Trunk


A brand new catalog for members!! Another feature added so soon after the wigs. Each month their is a new play and this months play is: Space Adventure. Hopefully every time there is a new play there will be a new catalog!! This months catalog has space suits, space helmet, alien clothes, robot clothes and more!!

Yellow Puffle


The Yellow Puffle can now be seen in the Stage when you click the Puffle faces above the Stage. Then it pops up at the side seats. You can see it as many times you want.

Captain Zobles and Robotic Zobles!!


Here is a pic of Robotic Zobles!! Click these other pics to enlarge:

captain-zobles2.jpg captain-zobles.jpgrobot-zobles.jpg

Enjoy the Stage!! (((((Zobles)))))

November 15, 2007

Zobles 10,000 Hits Party!!!

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My next party is the 10,000 Hits Party!! Thank you all for coming to my website over the past months!!! I have had 8,000 hits as I write this post but by the time the party is on I will have 10,000 hits!! Thanks again and I hope you get to come!! ((((((((((((Zobles)))))))))))))))

CP Times #109

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CP Times #109 came out today and features about the: Theatre, Yellow Puffle, Rockhopper and more!! To view it and to view my CP Times page, click here.

Issue 109 –

CP Times page – 

Oh and I’ll be having my next party which will be my 10,000 hits party and is coming soon…….



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