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January 22, 2008

Mission 6 Guide

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The new mission is out and it continues on from mission 5! 

  • Talk to G
  • Follow the Crab into the HQ
  • Follow the crab into the Sports Shop and back out
  • Follow the crab up the mountain and then go off the edge of the Mountain
  • When you get to the locked door….
  • Go to the log with the Puffle O’s behind the bush
  • Take out your spyphone, use your tools, and cut the rope with your Scissors
  • Get the Puffle O’s
  • Feed the Puffle O to the Black Puffle
  • Then go to the locked door
  • Put the Puffle O at the part of the door the crab got through
  • Then talk to the bear
  • Put a Puffle O on the thing that lifts the cage
  • Then collect the hotsauce, hook and the rope (and G’s blueprint on the wall for a special gift)
  • Open the door
  • Then put the hot sauce with a Puffle O
  • Feed it to the Puffle
  • Then go to the cliff
  • Put the rope with the hook
  • Throw it on the cliff
  • Then go to the Ski Lodge
  • Put a Puffle O over the bear
  • Then go get a seaweed pizza from the Pizza Parlor
  • Go back to the Ski lodge and feed it to the bear
  • Pull the lever on the thing the bear was working on
  • It will reverse causing the bear and crab to be stranded on the other side of CP
  • Then G recieves a phone call of the bear saying he will return (probably a future mission)
  • Then G says if you have discovered anything else
  • You give him the blueprints
  • Then you recieve the medal and a special note from G!
  • You have completed the mission!

(For a bigger, better and more detailed guide, click HERE)

 In other news CP have said that they will add the new blog in a couple of days!

~ Zobles


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  1. im stoppin viewing ur site u r mean to cec

    Comment by lance — February 1, 2008 @ 3:54 am

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