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February 29, 2008

New Sports Catalog and Pin

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The Aqua Grabber pin is in the Pool.

The Beach has even more salvaged items now. When I emailed CP, they said the more penguins play Aqua Grabber, the quicker the items will arrive on the Beach.

The Sports Catalog secrets are the same.

Sports Shop Catalog Secrets:

Click the Red Football Jersey for the Orange Football Helmet.


Click the following things in the labeled order for the Silver Snowboard (great for Catchin’ Waves).


The Fishing Lure is here!


Also the new books have been delayed.



February 27, 2008

March Sneak Peek!

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Here’s a list of the occurrences happening this March:

  • TWO Awesome Parties! (Update: Easter And St. Patrick’s Day. Oops, lol.)
  • A Brand New Game! (Whoa! Can’t wait!)
  • A Sport Shop catalog Update with a new Game Upgrade! (Ice Fishing,of course.)
  • A Scavenger Hunt! (The St. Patrick’s Day Hunt?)
  • And as always: New Pins, New Clothes, New Furniture, And More!



February 24, 2008

Salvaged Items at the Beach

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The items salvaged on Aqua Grabber have appeared on the Beach! The ‘Save The Migrator’ stand has also updated! I hope we get to build the new ship soon.

February 22, 2008

New Furniture and Igloo Catalogs!

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The new Furniture and new Igloo catalogs came out today! In the igloo catalog you can buy a Whirlpourniol floor and in the Fture catalog you can buy lots of underwater themed items!

Furniture Catalog Secrets

Click the Cash Register for a Moosehead


Click on the Piano for the Pipe Organ


Click on the Home Stereo for the Stage Lights


Igloo Catalog Secrets

Click the description of the Snow Globe igloo for the Fish Bowl. It’s awesome!


Click the crowbar at the top of Page 5 for the Secret Stone Igloo


Click the door on the Deluxe Stone Igloo for the Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo


And there’s a new Penguin Poll: How much do you like/use emotes? I said ‘:) All the time!’.


~ Zobles

February 21, 2008

Aqua Grabber News and More!

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Here are the official results of the vote for the name of the submarine.


And the key to catching the Grey fish in Ice Fishing will be available in the upcoming Sports Catalog by Feb. 29th


And Snowball Press will be releasing more books soon in the Book Room. They said you will be able to “add your own colors”, your own style, and they will adapt to each reader. There will be a other twists to them for observant penguins. Wonder what that means.


~ Zobles

Aqua Grabber Tips

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First off, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS! They’re simple and easy-to-follow. Also keep in mind you lose air if you bump into things or move.

The Rudder is located just below the Big Net.


The Treasure Chest is located down and right of the Net.


The Anchor is located deeper down at the bottom left. Get the air bubble for oxygen!


This is the Air Bubble maker at the Bottom of the Ocean in the middle. Use it! You’ll need it.


For the following two, I suggest dropping the items on the Floor once you get them from the holes and then getting an air bubble from the Middle Floor.


The Steering Wheel is at the bottom of the ocean at the lower right in a hole.


Rockhopper’s book is in the second hole.


The Cave has oxygen! USE IT!


Make sure you drop the item above the Net!


Click ‘Get Pin’ for the Golden Wheel.

Screenhog say’s the game is permanent but I thought it’d be temporary because:

  • It gives a pin. Pin’s are a limited time offer.
  • We can’t always continue salvaging RH’s ship pieces. He has to rebuild it sometime!
  • You don’t get that many coins.

Maybe they’ll add new levels.

And in the game, we see the rest of Rockhopper’s ship on the floor. And we only salvage 5 items. So I’m thinking we might have to rebuild the rest. We just took the needed items.

~ Zobles

February 19, 2008

Aqua Grabber!

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Aqua Grabber is out now! You must collect all the parts of Rockhopper’s ship using a submarine. If you collect all of the parts, then you recieve a Golden Ship Steering Wheel pin! You can play Aqua Grabber now at the Iceberg!



February 15, 2008

Underwater Party!

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  • There are Seashell belts in the Book Room (2nd floor of Coffee shop)
  • The Yellow Snorkels are located in the treasure chest in the Forest.
  • There’s a new Poll for the name of the Salvage machine at the Iceberg.
  • And please explore around CP! It’s amazing. Check out the Night Club!


Also, the anchor pin is located at the Cove.

~ Zobles

February 14, 2008

Submarine Launch on Tuesday!

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The vehicle used to retrieve The Migrator pieces will be finished on February 19th. Check out the Iceberg this Friday to cast your vote on the name of the vehicle.


The Sub-Marine Party’s this week so don’t miss it. There’ll be a free item and CP will be submerged underwater.


And a possible 2005-06 Yearbook might be released by The Snowball Press in the Book Room soon.


Also, Screenhog will now be writing some posts to the official CP blog.

~ Zobles

February 13, 2008

Party Sneak Peek!

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Billybob posted on the Club Penguin blog that their will be a party on Friday.  Heres a sneak peek of the upcoming party.


~ Zobles

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