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April 18, 2008

New Blog Opens!

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Zobles has now officially opened the new Blog! Note that there will be a few changed to the site through out the rest of the week. So anyway, head over to:

~ Zobles


Zobles is Back!

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I have just logged on to CP to see a brilliant new look! I think it’s great and I saw some cool new things happening in CP like a cool new igloo and RH’s return as well as things getting messed up like the Clock Tower. So cos CP made a new look, Zobles is making a new look as he moves to Blog Spot! The site is currently being made but will be ready by later today or tomorrow! I’ll update this soon!

~ Zobles

April 11, 2008


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I have had this site for a long time now but it’s finally time to say “goodbye”. I do not like CP anymore but you can still come here for secrets and tips if you want. I would give my site to someone except some of my other blogs under the same name are still updated by me. I still update a blog so if you want to take a look and leave a comment I would appreciate it!

A Final Goodbye to all Penguins and Zobles Fans! Perhaps I will update this site someday!

~ Zobles

April 2, 2008

Partners in Crime Clip

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Watch this on Saturday, 6:20pm, BBC1

~ Zobles

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