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March 21, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt!

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Today the Easter Egg Hunt began! Here is a guide on where they are!

  1. In the Lantern in the Mine.
  2. On a post in the Dock.
  3. Click Red puffle in the Pet Shop.
  4. Green Plant in Book Room.
  5. On the Poster in the Gift Shop.
  6. Lantern in the Plaza. 
  7. In the Attic. Point your cursor to open the box, the egg will pop out.
  8. Moving in the Dojo.

And after you collect all the eggs you get a free Green Easter Bunny Ears! Happy Easter everyone!

~ Zobles


March 20, 2008

Burnt Out Bulbs Coin Guide

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Using this guide, you will get 800 coins rather than 220 coins total for the game, ‘Burnt Out Bulbs’. First, go to the Book Room, and open the book “Burnt out Bulbs”.


Start typing on the first page and STOP after you type the words “burned out!”. Now push the puck in the picture with your cursor until it moves to the left and off the screen. If you pushed hard enough, the puck will bounce back onto the page and push a Coin onto the page as well. Click on the coin. Go to the next page.


Before even typing anything. Put your cursor on the upper left of the picture. Click on the coin.


Once you get to the 3rd page, Pull open the Piano cover and a coin will be inside!


Go to the next page. When the picture comes up, click the clock, and the Cuckoo bird will come out with a Coin. Be quick and click the coin! For this guide, choose “DJ” when typing. Go to the next page.


This one’s pretty hard. There are 4 floorboards. One on top of the other. Each must be dragged off the floor (and the page) in different directions before they start sliding back (click, hold, pull, and release fast). PUSH THEM IN THIS ORDER: RIGHT, LEFT, UP, DOWN, CLICK COIN AT THE BOTTOM RIGHT OF THE BLACK SCREEN. The video below show’s you what I mean by black screen and where to click. I already got the coin in that game, so you don’t see the coin in the bottom right. You might want to skip this coin if it takes too long.

At the DJ’s igloo. Click the dance tiles to change their color. Match each tile to the color of the background tiles of the picture of the Puffle on the igloo’s wall.


In the next picture, keep typing until you see the Ice Rink and the lights flashing different colors. Now pull up the circle on the floor and quickly click the coin.


Yay! You found all the coins! You get a total of 800 coins if you get all the Bonus coins.

~ Zobles

2005-2006 Yearbook Pins

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There are comments in my last post saying where these are but I’ve decided to officially post them for my Cheats/Glitches page (and everyone viewing). All the following hidden pins in the yearbook are just for viewing and showing you past pins! You can’t take them from the book.

First, open the ‘05-’06 Yearbook in the Book Room of CP.


The very first pin is the Clover pin. Click ‘March’ to view it. Red boxes will be where to click. Blue boxes will be where the pin shows up. (The Music Note is also a pin)


Click the puffle for the Plant Pin.


Click the Miner’s hat for the Lantern Pin.


Click the Cart for the Sun Pin.


Click the Cactus for the Horseshoe Pin.


Click the Pom-Pom for the Hockey Pin.


Click the Lightbulb for the Lighthouse Pin.


These are definitely not all the pins released on CP in that year. And I like how they show you free items released that month too.

~ Zobles

March 14, 2008

Emerald Party, RH Island, Eggs and more!

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Rockhopper’s ship is slowly being repaired. And will probably be finished by the end of the month at best. RH’s quarters are still missing underwater, so new Aqua Grabber levels will most likely come.


The newspaper mentions RH Island yet again. They’re thinking of ways of contacting RH when we finish the ship. Maybe we’ll finally get to go there? If RH can get there in a Rowboat, the Hydro-hopper boat should be fine.


St. Patrick’s Day celebrations begin TOMORROW. I’m expecting a lot of green. And maybe the Clover pin?


The Space Adventure play will be returning to the stage tomorrow as well due to popular demand. It will probably be the same costumes but different script.


The upcoming annual CP Easter Hunt will be in a week. It’ll be kinda like the Halloween Hunt, where you get clues to finding all the eggs, and once you do, you get a free item. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you where they are. ;)


And the Paint By Colors books’ story will change depending on the puffle you’re walking, what color you’re wearing, and the words you choose. There are bonus coins in almost every page, I believe.

~ Zobles

March 12, 2008

Test Servers

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The CPIP countdown has ended and now you can test the servers with your penguin! You have to register with the penguin you have on Club Penguin. Billybob, himself, said he will stop by a few times each day. Click here, Click the Eye Scan, then Click ‘More Info’
test.pngAnd there are two new Paint by Colors books in the Book Room. You can earn coins and choose the story of your penguin/puffle. You don’t need to type spaces or punctuation.


~ Zobles

March 10, 2008

Improvement Project Tomorrow!

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The Club Penguin Improvement Project is a day away from release. Soon there will be a redesigned CP website, you’ll be able to create temporary server test penguins, and there will be new features on CP. And looks like they might be fixing all the bugs in CP. [Click the picture]


Also the new book has not been added to the Book room yet………

~ Zobles

March 7, 2008

New Wig and Clothes Catalog!

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big-wigs-_3.jpg clothes-march-08.jpg

(Click to enlarge)

The new “Big Wigs” catalog and “Penguin Style” catalog came out today! There are 2 new wigs called “The Surf Knot” and “The Cleo”. Also there are a few new out fits in the clothes catalog and back in stock is the Leprechaun Tuxedo and a new Pot of Gold.

Also the new Migrator is under construction at the Beach!


And here are the new Clothing Catalog secrets;

Click the pin on the White Admiral Jacket for the Green Snorkel

Click the Pearl Necklace for the Red Viking Helmet


Close and Open the Red Viking Helmet 4 times for the Blue Viking Helmet

There are 2 new player card backgrounds for nonmembers.


And don’t forget that there is a new game in the Book Room and that the CP Improvement Project starts on Monday and that the St. Patricks Day party on March 14th and the Space Adventure play comes back as well as a new pin.

~ Zobles

March 6, 2008

Paint By Letters Book

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There’s gonna be an upcoming new game in the Book Room. I bet it’s the new book! It’s not Multiplayer and it’s not an adventure game, like Aqua Grabber. So I’m guessing it’s gonna be a “choose random funny words to fill in the blanks” book, judging from the Special Ad in the newspaper. Although, Club Penguin said they’re working on new Multiplayer games.


And by popular demand, the “Space Adventure” play will be back this month at the Stage. (The robot costume will probably be back)


Last, the new Clothing and Wig Catalog will be out tomorrow. And the St. Patrick’s Day Party will go from the 14th to the 18th.


~ Zobles

March 5, 2008

Jet Pack Update

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Jet Pack Adventure has been updated on CP, so it now includes The Stage in the game. The jet packs are also a lot faster now. Get through the whole game without touching a coin for a 1000 coin reward.


~ Zobles

Improvement Project

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Look’s like something big might be happening on March 10th. It kinda looks like what looked liked (besides the spygear and countdown) before they released the Club Penguin. Click here to take a look.


~ Zobles

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